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As time passes, it’s likely your water main is going to need service. Whether it’s time to update your water lines or you find your home experiencing low pressure, Amor Plumbing is ready to handle your main pipe issues. Our specialists use only the best quality tools to get the job done right, and fast. Coping with a broken water main? It’s best to move fast, this problem can drastically deteriorate your quality of life. Don’t hesitate to act if there’s a leaking or broken water main.


Get the reliable service you deserve, and get it today! 

How to Know If Your Water Main Is the Problem


The main water pipe is, as the name suggests, the primary method by which water enters your home. Water gets pumped into a home or business through these main pipes, which are typically buried under roads and sidewalks. Because of this, pipes typically can’t be accessed without digging. When a water main breaks, it can have a very immediate and negative impact on your home or business. Make sure to check that your drain is clean as it can cause bigger problems down the road.

Causes of water main failures include:

  • Corrosion

Old pipes wear down, eventually weakening and breaking.

  • Pipe material

Material can be a factor in how a water pipe fails. For instance, iron pipes installed before 1980 are vulnerable to cracking when they contract and expand due to changing temperatures.

  • Construction errors

It’s practically a cliché, but confusion during unrelated construction could cause a worker to accidentally puncture or break a main water pipe, requiring immediate repairs.

  • Weakening foundation

If a water main leaks, it can cause water to seep into your home’s foundation, gradually causing it to weaken. If your home’s foundation is noticeably damaged, it’s a good idea to check for potential water main pipe leaks.


Signs You Need Water Main Repairs


Because of the amount of damage a broken water main can cause, not to mention the intensive nature of repairs, it’s crucial to get professionals on the job as soon as you suspect something is wrong. You might not know it’s the water main, but there are usually telltale signs of plumbing troubles that, when one of our experts gets called in, will be recognized.

Signs a main water pipe is leaking or otherwise compromised:

  • Soggy Lawn 
    Soggy spots in your lawn can be a very big indicator that there is something wrong with your water line. If you notice these soggy spots and their hasn't been any rain, it could be that a water line has cracked and is leaking into the lawn's soil. Contact our expert Milpitas water main service technicians for reliable help!

  • Low water pressure 
    If you notice low water pressure in your home, this could be the indicator for a myriad of different plumbing issues. It could also be that your main water line has a crack in it, which is cause for the low water pressure you and your household may be experiencing.

  • Discolored Water 
    It isn't a huge cause for alarm if occasionally you see a small of rust flush through your taps or faucet. But, if you see that it is continually happening, this could be a sign that your water line has corroded or that dirt is entering in through a crack in the main water line.

  • Signs of Corrosion 
    Make it a habit to go and visibly check the water systems components. We know not every home allows for this, but if you can, try and do it on a regular basis. Catching the early signs of corrosion on your pipes can save you a huge headache of a problem later on.

  • Very High Water Bills 
    A sudden spike in your water bill is a strong indicator of a hidden leak in your water line. Not unlike the low water pressure, dramatic increases in a water bill can let you know that you have a water main problem and need to get it fixed.

Water main repairs can’t wait. Contact us online or call  (408) 649-3129

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