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Residential Water Heaters AO Smith Rheem Noritz Takagi Rinnai Bradford White



When your water heater fails, you can trust Amor Plumbing to identify and correct the problem fast and efficiently. We provide reliable options for gas, electric, or propane water heater systems. Our plumbing staff is factory trained, and are authorized service providers and installer for several reputable large tank and tankless water heater manufacturers.


Whichever water heater you use or system you wish to install, you can trust us to provide high-quality workmanship that will provide many years of satisfaction!

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

A traditional tank water heater is typically a large cylinder filled with continuously heated water. They’re often stored in the garage, basement or laundry room which means many homeowners don’t think about them until something goes wrong. When this type of heater is working appropriately, you can turn on a faucet and receive previously heated water through the tap.

Tank Type water heater brands we install and service include AO Smith, Whirlpool, State Industries, American, Reliance, Rheem and more! 

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Residential Water Heater Services

Amor Plumbing regularly performs residential water heater diagnostics and service.  Each service technician is factory trained in service and repairs, installations & replacement of tank and tankless water heaters. We are and authorized service provider to order and replace warranty parts thru AO Smith, State, Rheem, Whirlpool, Bradford White Water Heaters as well as Noritz, Takagi, AO Smith/State and Navien Tankless water heaters.

Water Heater services we provide are:

No hot water?  Need diagnostics?
Leaking water heater?  Need new water heater?

Need Warranty parts to be replaced?



Diagnostics & Repairs

Amor Plumbing regularly services residential water heaters, including gas, electric and tankless models and will be able to identify the problem and provide a solution to get your hot water back quickly.

Warranty Service & Repairs

Amor Plumbing is an Authorized Service Provider for several  water heater manufacturers and will work with their warranty departments to obtain approved parts and/or tank replacements.

Water Heater Replacements

If your water heater is old, or leaking it may be time for a new water heater.  Amor Plumbing provides professional installation of water heaters, including gas, electric and tankless models.

Tankless Water Heater Replacements by Amor Plumbing

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater works differently from a conventional tank style water heater which stores approximately 30-75 gallons or more to be heated thru out the day, even when its not being used. Even with the large volume of stored water you can run out of hot water when you least expect it!


Unlike traditional water heaters, the water supply isn't stored in the tank. This makes a tankless water heater a cost-effective conservation option. The type of water heating unit you choose for your home or business should ultimately come down to your needs, which we can discuss with you during a consultation. 

Tankless Brands we install and service include Noritz America, AO Smith, Takagi, Navien, Rheem, and Rinnai.

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Ready to upgrade to a tankless water heater ?
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Hybrid electric heat pump tank water heaters are built to utilize your home’s electricity along with heat pump technology.  A fan at the top of the hybrid electric heat pump tank water heater pulls air from the surrounding space through an evaporator. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant runs through a compressor, which raises the temperature and pressure. Finally, the heated refrigerant is passed through the condenser coil around the tank and transfers the heat to the water.

Federal and Local City Rebates are available to customers who switch from their current tank water heater to a hybrid electric heat pump.

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Commercial Water Heater Service

Our staff is factory trained, authorized service providers who can  repair, install and service commercial water heaters. We will always check if your commercial water heater has manufacture warranty coverage and work with the manufacturer to provide the best possible repair or replacement for you.

Commercial Water Heater Service you can expect from us:

  • Diagnostics & Service Repairs

  • Warranty Parts and Water Heater Replacements

  • Preventive Maintenance programs

  • Recirculation System Installs and Repairs

Major commercial water heater brands we service and install include AO Smith, Noritz, American Standard, State Industries, and Rinnai water heaters.

Commercial AO Smith water heaters service by amor plumbing

Water Heater Maintenance & Safety Check Up Service

Your water heater is used every day and due to daily usage should be maintained annually to examine wear and tear on the tank and parts. Maintenance doesn’t just help prevent unexpected breakdowns; it also keeps warranties from being voided and helps add years to the life of your water heater!


Depending on the specific water heater model, the manufacturer warranty may cover six, nine or twelve years on tank and parts.  However most manufacturers have limited warranty coverage based on usage and maintenance, so it's ideal to check out your water heater if you still have coverage and that helps save you some money!

If you are not sure of your warranty coverage, give us a call and we will be happy to help you find out!

Amor Plumbing's water heater maintenance services include:

Descale flushes

Multi-point safety inspection

Part replacements

Working with manufacturer for warranty coverage



Depending on the specific water heater model, a tank manufacturer water heater warranty may cover six, eight, nine, ten or even twelve years on tank and parts, whereas a tankless warranty may cover five years for parts and ten, twelve, fifteen  or twenty five years for the heat exchange. However most manufacturers have limited warranty coverage based on usage and maintenance, so it's ideal to check out your water heater if you still have coverage and that helps save you some money!

If you are experiencing issues with the water heater, give us a call, we will to help you find out if we can get your parts repairs covered thru the manufacturer.  If you are not sure if you have warranty coverage available, call us today, we will help you find out!

Water heater still under warranty?
Water heater making strange noises?
Water heater pilot not staying lit?

Water heater leaking?



Having a water heater that is slowly failing doesn't seem like that big of a deal, until you are taking a cold shower. Your tank water heater is working 24/7 to ensure that your home's water stays hot. With that in mind, you water heater has the increased amount of stress that it needs to endure. Eventually your water heater is going to need some repairs. Here are a few signs to look out for to avoid having an emergency water heater repair or replacement.

  • Irregular Water Temperatures - Does your water temperature fluctuate between, lukewarm, cold and scalding hot? This is usually a sign that something could be wrong with your water heater and it may need repairs. If your water heater is relatively new, it should only need a repair, but if it's over 10 years old, it may be time to replace it.

  • Discolored Water - The only color that should come out of your tap should be, no color at all. If you notice that it's coming out brownish or even rust color, your water heater could be to blame.

    • Sediment that is in your water heater may contribute to your water' brown color, but it could also be from your homes galvanized pipes. Call our experts right away to avoid potential health problems.

  • Run Out of Hot Water - Your water heater is made to keep water hot and ready to go through out the day.

    • A traditional electric water heater has two heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom. If you notice you're running out of hot water quickly, it could be that one of your heating elements may need repairs.

    • A traditional gas water heater has a burner and gas control valve, if you notice you're running out of hot water quickly, a burner or gas control valve may need repairs.

  • Loud Noises from Water Heater - There are different types  of noises that can be heard in a water heater that indicate a potential repair or replacement may be needed.

    • Popping sounds from a water heater can indicate sediment in the tank

    • A boom sound and larger flames seen from a gas water heater indicates a tear on your burner screen and requires replacement.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above, then you may need to have your water heater serviced, repairs or replaced.   Amor Plumbing can discuss water heater options with you!

To discuss a solution for your hot water heater problems

Call Amor Plumbing at (408) 649-3129 or (510) 279-6165

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We are happy to help provide you options for water heater, tankless water heater, heat pump, maintenance services or replacements.

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