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A proper backflow prevention is very important to the safety of your water supply. When your backflow device is not up to code, your water could become polluted.  Amor Plumbing offers affordable and reliable backflow testing and certification of backflow devices in Santa Clara County.  

With regular testing, you can have peace of mind that your device is working properly.  Call (408) 649-3129 to schedule your back flow test.


Reasons to Schedule Backflow Testing

Backflow is a term used to describe the way water is forced backward through your pipes as a result of some type of disruption. Your water supply can be affected if unhealthy substances and chemicals are brought back up the pipes rather than being flushed away from your property as they should. Backflow can be caused by many different factors, such as a drop in pressure, a break in the water line, or other equipment affecting the water pressure. You can rely on our experienced Santa Clara County plumbers to provide you with reliable backflow testing and certification services.


You should schedule backflow testing to:

  • Prevent water contamination

  • Keep your pipes and plumbing system clean

  • Remain compliant with local laws


The State of California requires backflow devices to be tested for proper operation annually. Your local City may notify owners of testing requirements each year, and a list of certified testers are usually included with the notice. Failure to correct any deficiencies and demonstrate passing results is cause for a potential cross connections.

Understanding the Backflow Device Testing Process

We conduct backflow testing by checking the pressure of your backflow prevention valve with a special gauge. Our Santa Clara County backflow testing technicians have special training to ensure that the test is carried out properly and that the results are properly assessed. Our main goal is to ensure your device is working properly and to help you protect your water supply against any type of contamination.

Services provided in this category are:

  • Backflow Testing & Certification

  • Backflow Repair & Replacement

  • Installation of Backflow Prevention Assemblies





Quality Workmanship & Service

With more than 30 years of professional plumbing experience, you can trust the Amor Plumbing team to handle your job efficiently!


Fully Stocked Vehicles

Out team is prepared with all the necessary tools to get the job done efficiently.


Upfront & Affordable Pricing

We have free consultations and estimates.

We never add hidden fees or surprises to the bill, which provides peace of mind.


Authorized Service & Repair Pros

Our plumbers and service technicians are factory trained and authorized service providers who can install, repair, and perform maintenance on your plumbing products and will complete your project on time.

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backflow testing and certification
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