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Improve your home or business water quality. Water filters and softeners enhance drinking water and save money on energy and appliance.

A whole house water softening system improves water quality for bathing, cooking, drinking and doing laundry.

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Hard water levels can range from low to very high hard water. Homeowners with any level of hard water can face issues like prematurely broken water heaters and persistent scaling, spotty dishes and glassware, dingy and stiff laundry, itchy skin, and dull hair. With a Pentair Water Softener, you can reduce the havoc hard water can cause to your home and can save salt and water with our on-demand regeneration feature. When you insist on Pentair, you can expect better quality water from every tap in your home. 


Additional features include:

  • Simple, electronic system for easier programming

  • Self-cleaning brine injector reduces maintenance

  • Only regenerates when needed, saving salt and water

  • Singular rotary disc seal means longer product life and less maintenance

  • Remote monitoring and low-salt level alert when paired with the Connected Salt Level Sensor and the Pentair Home App


When you have hard water, we've got you covered. Use a Pentair water softener and have Amor Plumbing install it today!



That white, chalky residue isn’t just on your faucet, showerhead or tub. It builds up on the inside of pipes and causes clogs in faucet aerators, and can slow or  stop water flow too. Over time, the scale solidifies and becomes a rock-like substance, usually seen when draining your water heater tank, which causes damage to the water heater and other appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine.

There are a few signs to let you know you may need a water softener in your home.  See if you are experiencing any of these signs.

Dry, flaky, itchy skin

A common effect of hard water on the skin is causing unnecessary dryness and irritation, unrinsed soap draws out the skin's natural oils, leading to skin that is dry, flaky, and itchy. hardwater can also contribute to your hair being damaged causing dry scalp, frizzy & brittleness and even hair breakage.

Scale buildup kitchen and bathroom faucets

Soap residue left behind after showering (on shower doors, walls, shower head). With the scale build up in the shower head or faucets, you may experience low or decreased water pressure also


Hard water stains on dishes, tea pots, stainless steel pots and pans

If you have hard water, you must have noticed a build-up of a white substance (water stains) on your cooking utensils, specifically on tea pots, or stainless steel pots and pans. Calcium and mineral can be reduced by treating your hard water. 


Washing machine and dishwasher issues

As the water flows through these appliances, the minerals deposit onto the water lines, hoses, and valves of your washing machine, clogging them up with scale and forming rust. These buildups can then reduce the water flow, lead to severe leaks, decrease your washing machine and dishwasher’s efficiency and may require repairs much quicker than expected.  Hard water can leave clothing and linens feeling stiff, and sometimes fabric colors dull it, scale buildup will occur in the dishwasher and leave glasses with a cloudy film.

Sediment from inside water heater 

Sediment builds up at the bottom of the water heater, settling at the bottom of a traditional tank water heater or building up within a tankless heat exchange. Over time the heating elements, will turn calcium/mineral buildup into a solid layer sediment scale.

This makes it important to drain and flush your water heater on a regular basis per manufacturer recommendation at least once every year, maybe twice a year depending on your water quality hardness.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above, then hard water may be effecting your home's plumbing system.  

Amor Plumbing help you find the right water softener for you!

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We are happy to help provide you options for water treatment services that includes whole house water filtration, water conditioning or a new reverse osmosis system!

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